Assassin’s Creed Unity Multiplayer: What You Need to Know

In this article, we will investigate the functionality of Assassin’s Creed Unity Multiplayer.

The essence of Creed Unity Multiplayer

Assassin’s Creed Unity continues the popular assassin game series, bringing action to France. The main character is Arno Dorian – an assassin, embroiled in the chaos of the gathering pace of the French Revolution of the eighteenth century. You will become a participant in many fateful events, including the capture of the Bastille and the execution of Louis XVI, as well as meet many famous historical figures.
The game takes place in the 18th century. The big revolution of the aristocracy began. There is a complete fratricide, while ordinary townspeople still dare to contradict the rich nobility. The young man Arno is trying to stop it all. He finds himself in the very epicenter of the revolution and tries to find out who is behind this war.
It is the sequel to the popular action-adventure series from Ubisoft. This time, the game really surprised us. Its scale is especially striking. A thousand people, each of whom is doing his own thing in front of your eyes – just a sight, the graphics in the game are amazing. The combat system has remained almost the same, but improved, now, in order to win, you need to focus on counter-attacks. Also, the use of stealth mode has been improved.
In addition to the single-player game, Assassin’s Creed: Unity has a cooperative mode for up to 4 people. You can only enter the cooperative through the tavern. Together with other people, you can explore the world and complete special missions. It will not be possible to go through a single company, there will be other tasks for the cooperative, but they are no less interesting.
The development team allowed fans to choose the time and place of the game by voting. One of the most popular options really was 18th century Paris. Other options also included Victorian England, Feudal Japan, Tsarist Russia, and other countries and time frames.

Ways how to get it

To start the game you need:
● Download and set up an Uplay client;
● Purchase a licensed copy of the game.
There are two options here:
The first option to play the game is online by purchasing a license key. You can buy a license key in the official Uplay store. After that, when you start the game with Uplay, the online mode in the game will be available.
The second option is almost free. You can save many times on buying a game, for this you can buy an account in Uplay, with a license key activated in it. After the purchase, you will receive an e-mail and password, which must be entered when entering Uplay.

After purchasing the key, go to your Uplay account, in the right corner of the program, click on the gear icon and select Activate product. Enter the purchased key and you will be able to download a licensed copy of the game. After that, when you start the game with Uplay, the online mode in the game will be available.

How to choose the best chair to game in comfort

In this article, we will discuss the main factors influencing the choice of the gaming chair and give some tips on how to choose the best one among gaming chair Amazon best sellers. There is not much comfort!

The ideal chair for working on a computer: design features

A gamer is a person who spends all his free time in a state of physical stress. This lifestyle can result in health problems. The gaming chair will help to minimize the risk of their occurrence and make the game process more comfortable. The real cyberhero definitely needs his own throne – fundamental, reliable, and as convenient as possible.

How are gaming chairs different from regular office ones?

Not every user can feel the difference between a regular office chair and a gaming one – many believe that all the differences lie in the design, price and clever marketing. The secret is simple: computer chairs for players are made taking into account all the anatomical features, they are ergonomic and help minimize the discomfort of prolonged sitting at the computer. And the right gaming chair will protect its owner from the negative consequences of such long sedentary work.

Tips for choosing a gaming chair

We know how important comfort is for a true gamer. Therefore, we suggest you read the tips and tricks for choosing a quality game chair.
● Most models of game chairs are upholstered in eco leather. This material is selected on the principle of practicality and attractive appearance. But such a choice is not always justified by operating conditions. It should be practical and breathable, so it is better to choose from hygroscopic material.
● The seams should be smooth and not protrude too much over the surface. Well, if the wheels of the chair are rubberized, they will not damage the floor when you ride on it.
● Whatever chair you choose, take the test – sit in it and evaluate the reliability, functionality, comfort. Listen to your feelings and make the final choice.
● Pay attention to construction. The best design option for a game chair is a steel frame and a polyurethane back. In more expensive models, the density of materials is higher, and, accordingly, they are heavier and stronger. The headrest plays an important role in the design. As for the armrests, everything here is unified for most game chairs. Polyurethane cast elements can be adjusted back and forth, up and down, and sideways (to adjust the width).
● Additional functions. Sometimes gamers need a complete immersion in the gameplay. A chair with a mount for the steering wheel and pedals Playseat F1 will help. The reclining seat makes you feel like you are in a race car. And for the steering wheel, the gearbox and pedals are special seats. Such an interactive game chair can be seen in the best streamers.

It also should be mentioned that an important selection criterion will be the functionality of the chairs. These include:
● the presence of the rocking mechanism and its type
● number of armrest adjustments
● the presence of adjustments to the stiffness of the rocking mechanism
● the angle of the backrest and the presence of the locking function in any position
● headrest height adjustment (for non-integrated models).